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Kit and Rod Poole are the owners of Scallywaggs Gymnastics which has been in operation since 1995. It is a family run business, with their two children Gavin and Mandy involved as teachers and gymnasts. Family is important and it shows up in every aspect at Scallywaggs Gymnastics, especially when it comes to staff.

At Scallywaggs Gymnastics we are proud of our staff and instructors. They all demonstrate the qualities of great role models that we would hope you would appreciate for your children.

Virtual Tour Of Scallywaggs Gymnastics

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Scallywaggs Gymnastics Welcome You As Family

As soon as you walk through the front doors of Scallywaggs Gymnastics you are greeted by our bright and cheerful office staff, who immediately make you feel welcome. They provide you and your family with all the information needed to settle you in quickly and enjoy your experience to the fullest. The families who attend classes at Scallywaggs each week will tell you that they see the office staff as an important part of their weekly routine as the children and parents mark off their attendance and sometimes stay around for a chat.

We pride ourselves on remembering the names of all the children who attend our classes. No name tags needed for us, we make a point of remembering who you are and will greet you by name each week. Our staff take time to notice changes with your child and acknowledge them. Our computer program  sings “Happy Birthday” when a child has a birthday that week, so they are acknowledged with a sticker and everyone is aware of their special day. We make sure your family feels important and part of our Scallywaggs family in every possible way.

Students Become Teachers

Our teaching staff is an amazing group of individuals, all bringing something special to the team. Many of our teaching staff have been, or still are, gymnasts in our programs. Other members of our staff are parents of children who are or have attended the Scallywaggs programs. So our staff know how to treat you and your family as they are well aware of the Scallywaggs values that are important to every family who participate in our programs.

We always choose our staff according the qualities that we feel are important to the teaching of children. Our staff demonstrate a desire to be a part of your child’s development in every way.

Why Our Staff Are Special

They all have :

  • a genuine interest in working with children
  • tolerance and compassion of all personality types
  • enormous amounts of energy
  • a healthy outlook on life
  • an approachable personality that the children feel comfortable with
  • the understanding of being a positive role model to your children
  • confidence to discuss matters with parents
  • a desire to continue to improve their knowledge through education
  • a positive outlook and are receptive to feedback
  • a background in gymnastics, dance, physical education or fitness

Parent Feedback On Our Instructors

When a group of parents were asked for words to describe the Scallywaggs staff, they answered with the following words:

approachable, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, inclusive, innovative and experienced.

Parents especially appreciated that each and every child is cared for, no matter what their ability and are able to be proud of their achievements, big or small.

We are proud that our staff turnover rate is low. Our staff enjoy coming to work every day and a happy to be to be a guiding influence on the children they teach.

When you bring your child to Scallywaggs Gymnastics, they will be taken by the hand by one of our staff to ensure they fit in with the group and have a positive experience.

Scallywaggs Gymnastics
3/9 Brooks Avenue
Wyoming NSW 2250
Phone: (02) 4329 4100

Scallywaggs Gymnastics Instructors And Staff