Scallywaggs Kindergym RingsI open the doors of Scallywaggs Gymnastics just after eight o’clock in the morning and enter to the sound of silence long before Kindergym starts.

A new day begins.

I take a moment to look around and I smile at the thought of this day and what lies before me. I always love coming to work and am happy with the choice I have made to teach children and their parents through the Kindergym program. When one achieves feeling that in life, I believe you have reached contentment.

My calling is to teach. Not just the children (who I adore), but also the parents and adults who attend our programs. I teach not just movement and gymnastics programs at Scallywaggs Gymnastics, but personal development, parenting skills, and overall life skills.

I get a buzz from assisting with the development of a person, no matter how big or small who may be struggling to find their way in our busy world. I love nurturing raw talent and watching it grow into something bigger than that person imagined and I always have great satisfaction when I see improvement in small measures where some never imagined. I adore working with children and I am passionate about helping people reach their goals to become the best they can be.

Who knew, that as I trained as a physical education teacher, I would end up doing all this and more.

The Kindergym Day Starts

The children and their parents begin to arrive with smiles on their faces and eager to play. They enter into our gym which is bright, colourful and safe, a playground with challenges everywhere you look. The Scallywaggs Kindergym staff have just spent the last hour ensuring the facility is clean, safe and exciting for all. For our Kindergym program, the focus is movement through play and to develop the whole child in all aspects of their life: social, emotional, physical and cognitive. As a teacher, I am constantly amazed at the potential of a young brain and body. Knowing that the early years are most important, I plan my classes with great thought to develop the whole child. However, the main ingredient on the agenda is FUN!

Exciting Times As Kindergym Classes Commence

As we gather together to begin the class, I see the eager faces waiting to be swept into a world of imagination. Each class is based on a theme which allows the instructors to provide songs, activities and equipment set ups to develop skills in a fun and exciting way. To the parents it may all look like fun and games but rest assured each and every activity planned has a hidden purpose.

So Much More Than An Exercise Program

Our activities allow us to show the parents what can be done at home without spending too much money. Craft they can make together, songs and games they can play at home that help with their child’s development. Every activity has a hidden purpose which will assist in a child in reaching the developmental milestones needed at each age. Who knew having fun could also be so good for you. I also understand that the development of the brain is linked with how well the body adapts to stimulus. This means the children are exposed to a wide range of physical activities which will assist as the foundations of the sports they choose later in life.

Scallywaggs Gymnastics is a great place to meet caring parents. With so many of us, including myself, moving further away from family and childhood friends it is  great to have a place where you can meet others in a relaxed environment with something in common. I have seen families form life long friendships in our classes.

The Satisfaction of Kindergym

Often I pause in class, look around the gym and smile a wide grin as I see parents at that particular moment engaged with their child in an activity or playing together with their new friends. Our busy lives often sweep us up, constantly rushing to complete tasks and move on to the next within a given time. With technology playing such an integral part of our lives these days it is easy to forget how we learnt to play and explore the world. We took for granted playing with friends without an organised play date, exploring the great outdoors without the constant need to be supervised and learning from our own mistakes without someone trying to fix them for us.

My dream is for our Kindergym program to bring a little of that back into our lives, provide our children with a solid foundation, meet new friends with like minds and share precious moments with our children that will be treasured forever.

View This Short Video Of Kids Having Fun At Kindergym


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