Choosing a sport such as gymnastics for your child to participate in after school or on weekends can be a big decision. There are so many questions you need answered before you decide where and when to spend your time and money.

Have You Thought Of Gymnastics?

Most gymnastics businesses would have the same phone calls each and every day from parents enquiring about gymnastics classes for their child. Parents may be noticing their child rolling, bouncing, swinging or always physically active and feel they may need to control that energy in a safe activity. Your child may have the desire to learn to do a cartwheel or somersault on the backyard trampoline or maybe you feel the need to encourage your child’s physical development due to a lag in basic skill achievement or due to the fact that they are spending too much time sitting around.

No matter what the reason is for considering gymnastics, it is important to know there is so much more that your child can gain from this sport other than just acquiring gymnastics skills.

Gymnastics Is Not Just For Olympic Champions

Most of us when thinking of Gymnastics have thoughts of Olympic gymnasts on the apparatus of bars, beam, vault, rings or floor and visions of advanced tumbling, with athletes flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

Let’s look at what other attributes your child can develop by participating in gymnastics.

Gymnastics is one of the most fundamental and exciting of all physical activities. The basic skills taught within the sport of gymnastics help develop attributes that are perfect stepping stones for all other sports, activities and life skills. Any child no matter what shape, ability or size can benefit from the sport of gymnastics in a safe and structured environment, with friendly, qualified instructors guiding your child through their journey.

What Your Child Will Learn At Scallywaggs Gymnastics

Physically, your child will :

  • gain overall strength, power and fitness
  • improve in flexibility
  • develop motor skills  and co ordination
  • improve balance, both in motion and remaining still
  • develop better spatial awareness
  • enhance strength of the core muscles used in everyday life and with all other sports
  • learn to fall safely

Gymnastics Prepares Kids For All Sporting Activities

Developing the above skills will certainly provide your child with a solid physical foundation to move forward to higher skill achievement, enter into competitive gymnastics if they wish or allow them to participate in other sports with success.

As parents you have worked hard to provide the best opportunities for your child and be the best influence you can be in their life. In gymnastics classes, your child’s gymnastics instructor will also become a role model in your child’s life and have an enormous impact on your child’s development. They understand the importance this has on your family. To them, this means far more than just teaching gymnastics skills.

You Get Much More From Your Gymnastics Instructor

Your gymnastics instructor will also assist your child with:

Social , emotional and cognitive development by:

  • Helping them feel confident in meeting new friends and developing friendships
  • becoming confident with introducing themselves to others
  • becoming part of a social group
  • learning to wait patiently, listen to instructions and take turns
  • teaching them to be a leader and also allowing others the chance to be a leader
  • teaching them to accept their own personal attributes
  • demonstrating respect to other people for their strengths and weaknesses
  • building self esteem and confidence through skill achievement
  • ensuring your child demonstrates acceptable behaviour and use of language
  • allowing your child to understanding the importance of following the rules
  • assisting them to overcome their fears
  • improving memory skills
  • providing opportunities to problem solve
  • teaching them to set short and long term goals and strive to achieve them

Gymnastics is Play

When attending gymnastics classes, it is like playing in a enormous playground with lots of new friends, where you are learning new things every week. Jumping, bouncing, running, rolling, swinging and so much more. In your child’s gymnastics class, all achievements no matter how big or small will be recognized by your child’s instructor. We want your child to become the best that they can be through all the skills they acquire in gymnastics class and use what they learn to help them throughout their lives. Choose gymnastics!

Watch the video below to see how much fun kids have at Scallywags!

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