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Trampolines: Advice on finding the right Trampoline for you

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Helping You Find the Right Trampoline WHICH SHAPE IS BEST? Choosing the shape of a trampoline comes down to Aesthetic appeal Round is winning the popularity stakes at the moment but the rectangular shape if found to have more height efficiency in the bounce (hence the higher cost). Price is no protection against safety or injury, make sure the manufacturer supplies replacement springs and mats if needed. SHOULD IT HAVE A NET? A net is found to reduce certain injuries but it should not mean complacency, make sure the net is zipped up correctly as soon as the child enters. THE NET...

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Parent Participation in Kindergym

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Last week I had two Kindergym coaches from another program come to view Scallywaggs in action. They said that their numbers are dropping, they now have a few new staff and they feel like they need to be motivated to improve their program. However, their biggest problem would be encouraging the parents that are currently in their program to be involved with their children rather than using it as a social catch up time. This is a common issue that I have been asked about over the years. It seems quite a few programs struggle with this problem. Here are my suggestions for Parent...

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