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Scallywaggs Gymnastics & Kindergym


Kindergym is a great way to set your toddlers up for their future sporting efforts. Kit Poole of Scallywaggs Gymnastics shares her passion for developing the whole child through the Kindergym program.


Choosing a sport such as gymnastics for your child to participate in after school or on weekends can be a big decision. There are so many questions you need answered before you decide where and when to spend your time and money. Here is why Gymnastics may be the very best exercise program for your children’s development.

Virtual Tour Of Scallywaggs Gymnastics

Kit and Rod Poole are the owners of Scallywaggs Gymnastics which has been in operation since 1995. It is a family run business, with their two children Gavin and Mandy involved as teachers and gymnasts. Family is important and it shows up in every aspect at Scallywaggs Gymnastics, especially when it comes to staff. At […]